Hi I am based in the East of England but thinking about global issues. Work is as a sustainability consultant, I have run a practice SEC (Strategic Environmental Consulting) for the last twenty years working with the corporates, financial organisations and civil society on their challenges.

I am interested in where value is generated and in particular where the world gets its raw materials from. So I work on expressing values through policy and turning it into action, supply chain mapping and what is best practice on the ground. That means creating the information to allow for transparency as well as reporting, disclosure and communication.

As systems deliver consistency I have spent a great deal of my working life building, managing and training people into a systematic approach.  In today’s world that means oodles of IT too. So I find I can now speak different languages – with policy makers, techies, product and management teams and creative and communication industry people. They all see the world in different ways and need to reach out to everyone else.

That is what I am really interested in – getting people who see things differently to get together and find solutions. Which is also why I am interested in social and land disputes and assisting with their resolution. We all have to find a way to live well on a small and crowded planet. Its become my life’s work and it is my personal passion.  I really want to leave this world a better place and I like working with people who share those values.

This blog covers some of what I personally think is important and occasionally points out where things need to be fixed.  I like debate and discussion and look forward to chatting with you.

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